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For additional event information, contact Ayesha Williamson, Executive Director at [email protected]

For 2021, we're bringing back the truck! Last year we had to re-imagine Variety Toys4Tykes. To make sure that we are safe, our friends, and families are safe, and those donating are safe, we came up with a socially distanced solution to get toys to kids in need...FILL THE TRUCK!

Fill The Truck

Like last year, instead of inviting volunteers to help us sort toys that we collect via a gala event, we're going to be sending out a special truck that will pick up new, unwrapped, toys in a social distanced and safe manner. Outdoors, in open spaces, to as many locations as we can get to. We will be encouraging companies to collect toys and then we'll meet up with a spokesperson or small group from the company (big companies, small companies, any size company) to collect the toys for distribution. We want people to start thinking about this now, because we're a small group ourselves, and will need to organize and schedule pick ups wisely.

Donate a Truck?

If you have Van or small truck (pickups won't work as we never know what December weather is like in the Bay Area), that Variety could borrow or rent from you at rock bottom prices for a month or two...please let us know ASAP.

Volunteers for Truck Duty

We could also use some folks that might want to volunteer their time to help up drive around the truck and pick up toys in December.

Thankful for Toys

During the holidays, more assistance than ever is needed to help families in Northern California. Not everyone has the time, or money, to provide a holiday season with food, gifts, or common household necessities. Here at Variety, we like to change that. We partner with many groups in San Francisco, Marin, The Sonoma Sheriff's Department, and as many other agencies that we can touch.


Toy Barrels

Want a Barrel in Your Office or Business? 

We'd love to have your help. Contact us today and we can arrange a Toy Barrel to be delivered to your space to help collect toys for children who aren't as lucky as us. Just make sure the toys are like new & unwrapped, and we'll make sure they get to deserving hands. Email, [email protected] or Call 415-781-3894.

Money and Gift Cards

A donation of money or gift cards also allows us to make sure the perfect gift gets into the families in need. They offer more flexibility and are easier to distribute to rural children where large trucks aren't always available for delivery of items.


Food and Household Accessories

We certainly won't say no and will make sure any donations get to families in need. and new household items tend to be bulky and hard to transport and as a local charity with limited resources and a small staff, we don't always have the people to cover an area the size of Northern California efficiently. These donations may take a little longer to distribute. If you have any questions, email, [email protected] or Call 415-781-3894.