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Give childhood back to kids in need

The mission of Variety Children's Charity is to enhance the lives of children in need. Our objective is to raise funds for those select charities that fulfill our mission. We support kids wherever the need is greatest.

Testimonials of your money at work  

Blind Babies Foundation

"Variety's financial and moral support has allowed us to change the lives of thousands of blind children and their families.

Vision is the primary way that all young children learn. Our home counselors help parents learn about blindness and early learning, the effects of blindness on early development, and how to teach their children adaptively about the world around them. They also help families process their feelings of grief, and sometimes anger and depression, in order for them to become the very strongest advocates they can for their children.

Your grants make this all happen. Blind Babies Foundation is the only organization of its kind in Northern California. It serves a very important need in providing early intervention with this special group of children and their families. We are so grateful for our ties to the Variety Club. We think you're wonderful. Please thank all of the members for their continuing support. It is especially important in these very difficult times."

Chris Tompkins, Executive Director, Blind Babies Foundation

Brave Kids

"Brave Kids provides a positive, compassionate alliance to children and parents whom each day face severe debilitating illness and keep going. Each program sponsored by Brave Kids, whether it is the free computers for ill children, or the web site information and links to the vast number of available resources and chat rooms, has the special quality of understanding, support, and appreciation for the brave children and families who meet the challenge of life under such difficult conditions.

Hooray for Brave Kids!"

Best Regards,
Giovanna Spinella, M.D.
Program Director
NINDS, National Institute of Health

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