Northern California Variety Kids helping Kids: Freedom Day Recycle

This year for Freedom Day in Northern California, Variety kids were helping kids! Variety's FREEDOM Program provides gifts of mobility and independence in partnership with Freedom Concepts. Children with developmental delays and physical disabilities receive custom built adaptive bicycles funded by Variety. These bicycles often last 5-7 years or more. When a child outgrows their bike or it no longer meets their needs, Variety will take back the bike refurbish it and give it to a clinic for multiple children to use. 

Sometimes multiple chapters of Variety help children and in this case Variety kids "REcycled" their bikes to help other kids. We'd like to introduce you to Chandler who received a bike from us about 5 years ago, when he outgrew his bike he asked us to give it to another child and we had just the kiddo in mind, Kavanagh, who originally received his custom bike from the Variety office in Southern California 10 years ago. His bike was in exceptional condition, and his family asked if we could find another child who could use his bike. We found Michael, who is thrilled to be riding his first Freedom Concepts bike. We are thrilled to share the stories of these Variety kids helping kids and to let you know, when you help fund these amazing gifts of mobility, they really are the gift that keeps on giving. An enormous and heartfelt thanks to these beautiful boys and their wonderful families!  And, as we like to say, that is the #VarietyEffect.