April 25, 2016

This past weekend we delivered 4 custom built #FreedomConcepts bikes to deserving children who had been on our waiting list.

Each of these children had something in common. They shared the challenge of mobility.

One was literally walked out of the house with his father physically supporting each step, another scooted out on her walker, yet another rolled out in his wheelchair and the 4th child was carried out of the house.

After each child was seated on their new bike, another thing was also consistent ? they took off pedaling & smiling!

Having learned one child and not left his room in weeks, another hadn?t smiled in ages, one was now enjoying being outside when it was the least favorite thing to do before ? and another child just felt empowered to move on his own ? we now know, theses kiddos are going to prove the doctors wrong, show their therapists #VarietyKidsCan and race their friends in the neighborhood for bragging rites!

Kids want to be kids, and each of these children are now #VarietyFreedomRiders thanks to you! They are riding, laughing, enjoying the outdoors and most importantly - able to play alongside friends and siblings?and because of your donation, we?ve not only given them happiness but also emotional confidence and physical strength that they truly would not have gotten any other way. Because of you, they get the chance to be a kid! #SupportVarietyKids and make a donation today at