June 19, 2014

Join us Thursday at 6pm for Happy Hour and a 7pm members screening of KORENGAL.

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Please join us Thursday, June 19th for


Documentary from Afghanistan war by Sebastian Junger (co-director of Restrepo)

Opens June 27, 2014 in San Francisco

In the past decade the Korengal Valley - a rugged valley six miles long in the mountains near the border with Pakistan - has become an epicenter of the U.S. war in Afghanistan. The new documentary Korengal picks up where the Academy Award-nominated Restrepo left off: the same men, the same valley, the same commanders, but a very different look at the experience of war. Korengal shows how war works, what it feels like and what it does to the young men who fight it. As one soldier cheers when he kills an enemy fighter, another looks into the camera and asks if God will ever forgive him for all of the killing he has done. As one soldier grieves the loss of his friend in combat, another explains why he misses the war now that his deployment has ended, and admits he would go back to the front line in a heartbeat. Every bit as intense and affecting as Restrepo, KORENGAL goes a step further in bringing the war directly to the people back home. Directed by journalist Sebastian Junger (co-director of Restrepo and author of the bestsellers War and The Perfect Storm).

Saboteur Media and Goldcrest Films present KORENGAL, opening June 27, 2014 at Landmark's Opera Plaza Cinemas in San Francisco, and Landmark's Shattuck Cinemas in Berkeley.

R - 84 minutes

6:00PM - Join us for HAPPY HOUR!

7:00PM - Film starts

$20 Suggested donation at the door, a cash bar & tips all benefit Variety


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