Updated: Nov 8, 2021


We need $20,000in order to stay open for these critical months and have Variety – the Children’s Charity of Northern California survive this pandemic.

First off, thank you for reaching out to ask if our staff, Board of Directors, and the kiddos we serve are okay. It deeply touches our hearts.

We need to support our staff during this terrible time. We need to help our Variety families in any way we can. We fear we won't be able to reopen our doors after this catastrophe is over.

Please consider a donation so that we can keep our doors open, raise money from our venue, and offer special youth group and sensory screening events again soon.  Your gift will help us to raise the necessary funds to outlast this Outbreak and serve the kids again!


Variety – the Children’s Charity of Northern California is a 74-year-old legacy organization located in San Francisco. And we have operated the Variety Preview Room as a fundraising arm to the charity for more than 40 years.  As a member of the hospitality industry as an event venue business, we have never been so scared with a feeling of the impending doom.  We never imagined we would have to close our doors to the venue and our fundraising would cease and we would no longer have the funds nor ability to help the kids we are meant to. We are afraid we will lose everything that we have worked so hard to maintain for the sake of our mission and the kids!!


Variety - the Children's Charity of Northern California is dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world.  We do this by helping to provide programs of last resort that help families access services that are not covered by insurance companies, hospitals, government agencies or community- based organizations.  Our primary objectives include helping at-risk, disadvantaged, and disabled children in our local communities of the greater Northern California region, from the Oregon state line to Bakersfield.