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Variety Holiday Pop-Up
at the Preview Room
October 9-10, 2021
11am – 5pm each day
582 Market St., San Francisco


By holiday, we mean any holiday. It doesn’t have to be Decemberish based holidays, think Autumn, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or anything else, too. It's going to be an intimate event as we aren't a warehouse and only have room for about 10-12 booths maximum.

The sign-up cost is $100. $75 refunded to you at the end of the day, Saturday - you have to have shown up and had a working booth for the day to get the refund.

What is The Preview Room (and Variety)?


Variety - the Children’s Charity of Northern California is dedicated to delivering life-enriching services and needed funds that build better futures for the children of Northern California, from the Oregon state line down to Bakersfield. We have proudly served the greater Northern California region since 1947 and have evolved into a leader of programs to support the needs of disabled, critically ill and disadvantaged children without proper access or coverage by insurance, hospital services or government agencies.

Today we are a very special organization lead by an enthusiastic group of business and community leaders who donate time, resources and energy to positively impact the lives of children in need across our communities. From our headquarters in San Francisco, we support thousands of children each year together with our partner agencies, community sponsors and well-minded/caring donors.




The Preview Room

The Variety office is located at The Preview Room, a business run by Variety – the Children’s Charity of Northern California, to extend our fundraising and outreach.

An easy to get to spot at the edge of the financial/museum district. Located at 2nd and Market, smack dab in the middle of The Financial District, The Ferry Building, Union Square, the Metreon Complex/Moscone Center, and SFMOMA. SF Muni (Train, Buses, and F) and BART stop less than 1 block away. Salesforce Transportation Hub is a 10-minute walk. Parking garage 2 blocks away. Street parking (at your own risk – but you might get lucky and find some).



What’ we’ll provide:

  • The space - for a layout of the space, see varietync.org/preview-room

  • One 6 foot table and 2-3 chairs – you’re welcome to bring your own shelving, etc. as long as it’s no bigger than 6 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 6ish feet tall. Our tables aren’t made for industrial-strength work, so don’t expect to bring an anvil and have our tables hold it.

  • Electricity – again, we’re a charity and this is our lounge space, so we don’t have industrial strength outlets, plan to share an outlet with another table. Don’t bring a 50000 watt light show setup.

  • Wifi (we’re a charity, so we don’t have a T1 or fiberoptics, so don’t plan to stream live video). It'll work fine as long as not everyone is watching Netflix.

  • Doors open at 8am for you to set up. Doors close at 7pm for shut down.

  • Bathrooms. Woot!

  • A popcorn machine

  • Water

  • A movie theater (part of our office space is a cool 50 person private theater. We’ll have holiday-themed movies playing all day (think nightmare before Christmas)

  • We may have a couple of booths set up at the front of the theater too if there’s demand.

  • Wheelchair accessible.

  • The site will be locked at night, so you will not have to worry about your items overnight. However, from 8am - 7pm both days we can't be responsible for items left unattended.

  • We have a 55" TV hung in the main event space. We will allow each vendor to supply 10ish images to rotate with the other vendors' images.

  • We'll have some music playing during the event, but we're not hosting a rock concert here. It will be played at a reasonable volume.


Things to consider:

  • We don’t have dedicated parking, so you’ll need to plan on dropping stuff off and picking it up. There’s a parking garage 2 blocks away that we usually use. We’re located directly on Market Street and loading in and out on Market isn't always a joy as we don't have a loading zone. We’d suggest making sure there’s more than just you for load-in and -out as we won’t be able to help haul stuff. We find a dolly or one of those big red wagons is useful.

  • We also don't have a dedicated storage area, so don't plan on being able to lock anything up or store anything outside of your booth area. You'll be in control of your stuff the whole time.

  • We have a bar area, where we’ll be selling coffee, sodas, and maybe some small snacks, but this isn’t a restaurant. Luckily there’s a 7-11 that’s four doors down from us and a Target mini around the corner. There are lots of restaurants nearby.

  • Clean up – you can’t make a mess. We expect you to leave the site as you found it.

  • We’re a diverse charity, so we ask that you agree to our code of conduct while you’re in the space. 

  • Covid is ever-changing, as are the rules.. We’ll be wearing masks and you probably should too. The exact terms will be determined closer to the event.

  • We don’t know everyone in the known universe (sadly). So we will be expecting to share advertising with everyone who signs up for a booth. The vast majority of our advertising will be social media and online (we expect yours will be too) but closer to the event we’ll provide generic postcards (one side will be blank) at a super cheap cost to you, if you want.

  • Pictures will be taken. You must agree to have photos of yourself and booth to be a part of the pop-up. These will be action shots of the event during the day. We're not going to single you out and make you stand next to your booth and take a photo if you don't want to.


Code of Conduct:

  • We won’t allow any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment or victimization.

  • Be nice.

  • Show integrity and professionalism.

  • You can't do anything illegal.

  • Everyone is welcome.