2014 Recap

December 31, 2014

At the core of Variety Children’s Charity of Northern California is a desire and dedication to inspiring hope, enriching lives and building better futures for the children in our greater region.  From the Oregon state line to Bakersfield, We (“We” means you too!) at Variety NorCal know there are a lot of children who need our assistance.  All this year we’ve asked you to join us in new endeavors to do more for these kids. 

Together, We donated 10 custom adaptive bicycles enabling children to not only address therapeutic needs but to provide the social need to just be a kid and have fun too.  We also granted 30 bicycles and helmets to children in Napa & Sonoma counties who would otherwise not be able to afford a “First Bike”.  We’ve funded camp scholarships, van lifts, van payments, ramps, gate-trainers, wheelchairs, adaptive strollers, ‘trykes’ and retro-fit items to make children safer and happier.  We also took care of some necessities; We answered a Compassion Care request for a family who, while ‘living’ at the hospital with their admitted child, were worried about losing their apartment, so We stepped in and helped them with their rent and a few bills to ease their worry.  We also answered a plea from a Principal when her school in San Leandro was robbed twice during the summer and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to open the doors of her school in time without the necessary supplies to teach.  And, We even launched a new program at this year’s Abilities Expo Bay Area with the Variety Childcare Pavilion, a free drop-in childcare station allowing parents and caregivers the opportunity to take in the full resources and workshops of the expo while their children played with trained volunteers in a safe environment.

But We didn’t stop there, we partnered with companies and individuals to make some magic happen; a few of those are:  the WWE, Oakland A’s, Golden State Warriors, 49ers, Wal-Mart, Salesforce, Wells Fargo, TRUSTe, John N. Hansen Company, Genentech and Gregg Lynn who hosts an annual Toy Drive so that We can make the holidays a little brighter for greater Bay Area children – this year we collected more than 2,300 Christmas gifts along with cash donations too!

We also welcomed four new Board members, upgraded the lounge space of the Variety Preview Room and logged thousands of volunteer hours from our friends like YOU.  This year you made it happen, by helping us help the children, who need Us.  On behalf of the children we help and the smilesWe make…Thank YOU!
2014 was a memorable one for our organization and for me too.  I joined an amazing group of individuals, corporations, organizations and you in wanting to do more for the children that Variety serves and will serve.
With 2015 only hours away, I know it promises to be another challenging year, one that will pull at our heart-strings and ask us to do even more.  As we do every year, we intend to deepen our impact on the lives of the children of Northern California while exploring more opportunities that inspire, enrich and better their futures.
We encourage you to make a gift to Variety Children’s Charity of Northern California and to share this request with friends & family who will join you, as we make 2015 a year of Us! Together, we will continue to ensure that children will have the opportunity to be a kid.  
Happy New Year,

Ayesha Williamson

Executive Director


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