A Variety Child Responds to Salesforce for Sponsoring a Bike Build.

January 19, 2016

Last fall, 50 employees from the Corporate Accounting Operations department at Salesforce joined us in the Variety Preview Room to sponsor a Bike Build. In less than an hour they put together 50 trick-or-treat baskets and built 16 bicycles.  The treats and bikes were later donated to two groups.  One of those was in a partnership with The Yuba-Sutter Association of Realtors who works with several elementary schools on an essay contest.  They chose to give the bikes to participants in the essay contest so the children would really understand the value of their prize.

This photo ‘Thank You’ arrived this morning and we couldn’t be more proud of this Variety kiddo!

This little guy’s message brought us to tears, he says; ‘thank you for the bike, I never had a bike.

We’d like to send a big thank you to Salesforce and to The Yuba-Sutter Association of Realtors & Laurie Trotti for being our partners in helping Variety children get the chance to be a kid.

With your help #VarietyKidsCan

*If you’d like to sponsor a Bike Build or would like more information on how you can help, contact Ayesha Williamson, Executive Director at [email protected]

Salesforce employees building 'My First Bikes' for kids in Yuba City.

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