Variety delivers 11 custom bikes to Sacremento area children

May 29, 2015

- The following was taken from the FOX 40 News broadcast on May 29, 2015.  Click here to view the video -


Meet Miracle Joy Surgeon, a sweet 6-year-old girl who is living up to her name.

“Miracle was born at 23 weeks, 1 pound  12 ounces.  She spent her first 129 days in intensive care. She came out she had hydrocephalus, she had a level 4 brain hemorrhage at birth,” grandmother Bonnie Surgeon said about Miracle’s early life.

Her grandmother has cared for her ever since, helping her get through the tough times.

Just over a year ago, Miracle Joy started having seizures. One episode lasted for six hours, it was too much for her little body and she fell into a coma.

It was so bad, doctors thought she would never celebrate her 6th birthday.

“She came out of the coma, two and half days later we found out that she had lost complete eyesight. She had cortical visual impairment.” Surgeon said.

But Miracle’s eyesight is starting to come back.

“Miracle never let that hold her back, she’s never let any of her disabilities hold her back.” said Surgeon.

She now reads on her own, writes on her own. But there’s still one thing she struggles with.

“To get her a bike that she could ride, has been like an impossibility because of the weight.” said Surgeon.

But on this day, Miracle Joy will get her chance.

Thanks to Variety The Children’s Charity, Miracle and 11 other kids with disabilities have their own customized bikes.

For Miracle, this bike is a true blessing.

To learn more about Variety The Children’s Charity of Northern California and how you can help sponsor other kids like Miracle. You can visit their website here.


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