Variety Grants Adaptive Bike to Celeste Rubio, part of Variety’s National Bike Giveaway!

December 3, 2011

San Francisco, CA – Variety is proud to announce the award of an adaptive bike to Celeste   Rubio, a very deserving young girl from California’s Central Valley, as part of the Variety national bike giveaway day!   Variety Children’s Charity of Northern California’s coverage spans from Bakersfield all the way North to Oregon border and includes parts of Northern Nevada and as such we are constantly striving to meet the needs of the countless deserving children across our coverage area.  The help we are providing to Celeste comes in the form of an adaptive bike, part of our Mobility Program, which will allow Celeste to gain independence from the confines of a wheelchair and to experience the childhood joy of riding a bike, while also helping to provide therapy to help aid in her medical condition.

Variety’s National Bike  Giveaway day is a  coordinated effort by the many tents of Variety to create a day of giving in which as many children as possible are awarded the medical equipment and mobility enabling devices they need.  This effort is also in partnership with the UN’s “Enable” program and is the first of many coordinated efforts by Variety’s many localized tents to provide aid as far and as wide as possible.

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