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Grant Application | Sunshine Coach Application

Scholarship Program - Grant Application

Variety - The Children's Charity's mission is to enhance the lives of children in need. We provide life-saving and life-enriching assistance to children challenged by physical and mental disabilities, poverty, abuse and neglect. Funds are allocated to various children's agencies and camps to aid disabled, disadvantaged, abused and or neglected kids, as well as to children who need medical services and equipment.

Variety Children's Charity provides funds, grants, and programs to organizations that serve children in the Northern California area from Fresno to the Oregon border. In all program areas, funds are distributed based on Variety's mission and guiding principles.

We have allocated a percentage of funds to our grant program, and will consider grants for children's organizations in the following areas of interest: Abused children, at-risk youth, homeless children, mobility enhancing services, transportation for children (Sunshine Coach Program), visually impaired children and critically ill children (includes pediatric AIDS/drug addicted infants). Variety will consider grants based on the needs of the organization. We will consider grants up to $25,000 per organization, single-year grants only. We will also consider project based funding. Please fill out the application and return it to:

Ellen Goodman, Executive Director
Variety ~ Children's Charity
582 Market Street Suite 306
San Francisco, CA 94104

Grant Application (PDF)

Sunshine Coach Program

Variety Club Sunshine Coach

The Sunshine Coach Program was created over 25 years ago as a means to literally bring the shut-in child out. Today thousands of Sunshine Coaches are on roads everywhere in the world. They bring special children to treatment, to therapy, to education, and to recreation. The program in a myriad of ways has served at least 35,000,000 children of every conceivable condition and situation. Some coaches are small, no more that 12 seats. Others may carry as many as 72 passengers. All are equipped and adapted for particularized services. For many children with special requirements a Variety Sunshine Coach is the first step into to larger world. For others it provides amiable mobility to treatment or therapy.

Sunshine Coach Application Process

Ford receives numerous requests daily from worthy, charitable organizations for loaner vehicles. We have long recognized the great need for vehicles within the charitable community. However, Ford simply does not have the resources to fulfill all requests. Thus, they have elected to work through the Variety network. Sunshine Coaches applications are due by June 30tht. Please fill out the application and return it to:

Ellen Goodman, Executive Director
Variety ~ Children's Charity
582 Market Street Suite 306
San Francisco CA 94104

Sunshine Coach Application (PDF)