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A diagnosis of childhood cancer is devastating for the family. Childhood cancer is treated aggressively, often with a combination of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, at a time of life when bodies are growing and developing. Treatment has a significant long-term impact on a child's endocrine, heart, and cognitive functions. Additionally, parents of children with cancer are often young, with a limited income, and other children. Often, one parent needs to give up a job to take care of the child being treated for cancer.

The needs are great, and Variety - The Children's Charity of Northern California has establish the Mix 106.5 Children's Compassion Fund with KEZR of San Jose. The Children's Compassion Fund is a primary provider of essential funds often required by families of children with cancer. The Fund supplies basic household and family expenses, such as food, electricity, telephone, rent bills, clothing, and toys, as well as helping during emergency situations such as unexpected travel expenses, special tutoring, and, sadly, funeral planning and costs assistance.

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Variety's Mix 106.5 Children's Compassion Fund Details

The Emergency Assistance Fund provided by Variety fulfills a crucial need to provide financial assistance to children and their families facing day-to-day hardships during the period of treatment and recovery from cancer. The fund is intended to help families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer and who do not have adequate financial resources to cope with the costs specifically associated with fighting a cancer diagnosis.