Gold Heart Pins

Date: Ongoing (while supplies last) downloads
Location: Worldwide Fundraiser
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Our annual Gold Heart Sales kicks off every November and runs through March. With the strong support of the Movie and Entertainment industry, the collectable Sony's Madagascar design is guaranteed to outsell our last sales drive. Our campaign will be promoted on billboards, cereal boxes, movie trailers and posters. We have stars such as Bette Midler and Jim Carrey, to name a few, endorsing Variety Gold Hearts Campaign (see enclosed promotional items from last year.) Paramount, Sony, Dolby Digital, Ford Motor Company and Best Buy are equally committed with a rewards program for theater groups meeting sales quotas. Together all of this hard work and dedication enables Variety to have collected over $1 billion worldwide. Please join us in our Gold Hearts Campaign. The money raised from Gold hearts goes directly to funding programs that provide vital assistance to children's physical and emotional wellness.