Vari-a-Tea's Mother's Day Tea Party

Date: This May 2006 Download Vari-a-Tea's Invite Download Vari-a-Tea's Reply Card
Participate: Download Vari-a-Tea's Reply Card. RSVP by Sending a donation to Variety Honoring or Memorializing your mother, aunt, grandmother, sister or friend who's a wonderful mother.

Now, Sit down... Relax... and enjoy your Complimentary cup of tea. Variety will send a card acknowledging your honoree.

The Mission of Variety Children�s Charity of Northern California is to enhance the lives of children in need. Our objective is to raise funds for those select charities that fulfill our mission. We support kids wherever the need is greatest.

Proceeds Benefit Variety Children’s Charity of Northern California A registered nonprofit organization Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law Federal Tax ID 94-1075155

Variety thanks Dean Distributors, Inc. for their partnership in this event.